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Creating Positive Change In Your Life, One Simple Step At A Time!

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About Kate

I am Kate, also known as Shanti, born in 1978: Shanti Kate 78.

I was born in middle class England, Surrey, which typically led to university in 1997. I attained a BA Hons Degree studying textiles in Derby where I pretty much drank & partied my way through my degree, I then travelled the rest of my way through my 20’s becoming a self-employed high end chef, owning my first business "Culinary Kate"

Nearing 30 I was living a good life but inside I was pretty unhappy and a little off balance, shall we say. I had had enough of the partying and binge drinking, I needed change, I needed something new, I needed to find happiness & peace! I packed my backpack for the third time and in a very “Eat, Pray, Love” style I went to India to find me.

I lived in a meditation resort for four months where life thankfully began to turn around.

I discovered the power of dance and how if used in a held environment it can shift emotions, raise happiness levels and boost vitality. I have not and will not stop dancing for my own well-being.

After years of turning my happiness and joy levels up I began to want to support others to do the same.

18 months ago I began to coach people after training as a transformational coach, supporting others to create positive change in their body, mind and life.

I facilitate Ecstatic Awakening Dance and have launched my Dance 2 Transform You Tube channel in order to reach people, to raise happiness and positivity from the comfort of their front room.

I believe through dancing and coaching how we experience life can change, why do I believe this? Because I am living proof!

If you really want to find out I invite you to shake & dance with me on YouTube everyday this week and notice the difference.


I hold meditation circles to support people to come into the moment and out of the past/future, to feel more at ease with what is.

You can listen to my talks about transformation, beliefs, behaviour.

Book a Skype session and feel the difference after the session.

If you really want change, these are the ways, it won't happen overnight, but creating new healthy habits is possible if you want it and believe it!